Hot Pink Blanket of Flowers Decorates Manchester Downtown

A carpet of hot-pink flowers has been rolled out in the downtown area of Manchester to celebrate summer and to add an extra touch to colour of the city.

Hot Pink Blanket of Flowers Decorates Manchester DowntownAbout 120 volunteers worked on this project which took about 3 days to complete throughout bouts of very wet weather.

The floral rug covers about 900 square meters and is made up of gerberas, anastasia chrysanthemums and lilies — in total there are about 60,000 flowers. The design of the flowers pays homage to this city’s past textile industry, and the artist behind this work is Jo Vickers.

The flowers adorning the square were dyed with beetroot to give them their bright colour, though this colour could possibly fade with the strong summer rains that have occurred in Manchester lately.

Jo has been working on this project since December. She is an artist, a florist and a senior art lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University and has been creating floral art projects for the city for years.

Jo says, “This is my biggest and best project yet, and I’m really pleased with it. It looks really vibrant and loud and smells great.”

[Via: Manchester Evening News]

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