Make Your own Christmas Tree Decorations

There are plenty of beautiful Christmas tree decorations in the shops to buy, but it can also be a fun and rewarding activity to make your own. It’s an especially good thing to do with kids who are now home for the holidays – get them to find natural items like leaves and pinecones to decorate, or select sweets and chocolates to turn into Christmas tree ornaments. Baking cookies is a great Christmas tradition any way, and the finished product can be added to the tree as well. Here are some more ideas for DIY Christmas tree decorations to guarantee a fun Christmas this year.

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To create with the kids

A great way to get the kids involved is for them to paint or draw Christmas tree decorations on paper using paint, pencils or felt tips. You can then cut these out and tie to the tree with ribbon. Sticking sequins and sparkles to pine cones is also a fun activity, and other crafty items like felt, buttons and crepe paper are great materials to put together to make unique decorations. Stripy paper straws are great for making crafty Christmas tree ornaments – cut them to different lengths and stick them together in decorated Christmas tree shapes. These will add delightful candy colours to your tree! Ribbons are easy to make into bows and a good way to get the children to concentrate. Find different textures (like silk and velvet), colours and patterns to make it extra fun.

Sweet treats

Having a Christmas tree full of delicious delights makes it extra special – for children and adults alike! As well as making great snacks to munch on, food decorations can look very pretty on a tree. You can buy candy canes and fix gold thread to them before tying them to the tree, and there are also lots of chocolate Christmas decorations that come ready made to adorn the tree. Bake cookies (such as shortbread and gingerbread) and ice with red, green and white icing before tying to the tree. You can even make decorations out of popcorn – but these are best eaten on the day before they go stale.

Go natural

If you’ve thought ahead and gathered autumn leaves, these can be sprayed with gold or silver metallic paint, or glitter, and then tied with a ribbon to make beautifully shaped additions to the Christmas tree. Other natural elements can also make great ornaments that need little work – such as sprigs of holly, cinnamon sticks, pine cones (these can be left natural or spray painted) and red berries. Red and white berries can be bought from a Christmas florist and snipped up to make mini decorations. Dried fruits like lemons and oranges make lovely fragrant trimmings. Christmas flowers are also a unique way to trim the tree and will make a truly vibrant display. Head to your florist and pick out flowers like roses, amaryllis and gerberas to create a tree that gets everyone talking.

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