History Brought to Life With Flowers

History Brought to Life With FlowersGreat Yarmouth in Britain will be bringing its history life with a display of flowers at the parish church, in the form of tour designed to resemble the town in medieval times.

Floristry students from Great Yarmouth College have planned and designed seven displays, marking the granting of the King John Carter, which occurred about 800 years ago.

Friends and family have been enlisted to help with the preparations needed for the floral displays, which will include a jousting marquee, six-foot paper mache medieval ladies and a throne.

“It will be truly spectacular. The students have done hours of research in the library and on the Internet to make sure every historical detail is accurate. We just hope people will make the time to come into the church and enjoy it,” said floristry course leader Julia Knights.

“Staging this sort of event with all the background research will help them later in the industry because today there are themed weddings, parties, functions and celebrations and students need to know how to respond to a diverse range of ideas in a professional way.”

[Via: The Advertiser 24, Image from here]

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