Hisakaki, One of Japan’s Sacred Wild Flowers


Japan has a cornucopia of flowers of every kind. Some of the most amazing flowers can be found there like magnolias, cherry blossoms, dogwoods, and wisterias. They bloom each spring and these flowers are visually spectacular, catching the eye from a distance.

However, some of the real treasures like the Hisakaki are found in the dark and shady recesses of Japanese forests. This flowers doesn’t like sunlight and therefor grow under the shade of leafy trees.

This flower is usually found in the Japan’s native broadleaf evergreen forests, in the underbrush. There are many such flowers found around the Shinto shrines of Japan, as the hisakaki is considered to be the sacred flower of Japanese deities.

The flower of the hisakaki is bell-shaped and has a light green flower, which is only about a half a centimeter long. It is an extremely tiny flower and grows on the underside of the branches that have to be lifted to spot the flower.

In early Japanese culture, women would go into the forests and they would be the mediators between the deities and the people. These flowers were found in the deep dark forests where the women would go, and this is one of the reasons they are so sacred.

[Via: Daily Yomiuri Online]

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