Hippeastrum a Beautiful Christmas Flower

HippeastrumHippeastrums are most commonly known as Amaryllis and they are a wonderful flowering house plant. This flower comes from the family Amaryllidaceae and there are about 75 species of this variety. This flower is native to tropical and subtropical regions of North and South America.

The name of the flower comes from the Greek word Hippeus, which means “mounted man” and astron “star.” The flower strongly resembles a medieval weapon used by horseman.

The hippeastrum is readily available in most stores and supermarkets; they usually come in a pre-prepared package containing a bulb, some compost and a pot. They can also be grown in a glass filled with water and the bulb placed on top.

The hippeastrum is easily brought to bloom, especially after a longer period of time. This flower comes in quite a few varieties, with varying shades of red, white, pink, salmon and orange. Striped and multi-coloured varieties can also be found, they are usually a combination of pink, red and white.

[Via: The Whitehaven News]

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