Herb and Flower Club Best of Thymes

The Best of Thymes Herb Club meets regularly at the home of Jeanne McMichael. Recently they met and had an idealistic walk around the flower beds full of Knockout roses, petunias and mums.

flower vase

Later on, the members of the club had dinner, at which Nancy Cox gave grace and the members talked about their favourite subject, flowers and family.

They report monthly on different types of herbs and flowers, with the cilantro being reported on by Roxanna Cunningham. The cilantro is the herb, while coriander is the seed of the herb that is used as a spice. The herb attracts bees and keeps aphids away from prized flowers in the garden.

Peggy Potts, the president of the club, discussed the Language of Flowers. She mentioned that everything was geared toward the meanings of flowers during the Victorian era, she even read a letter from the book from 1836.

Next month the ladies will hold their meeting elsewhere but the subject and their passion for it will remain the same.

[Via: The Brazil Times, Image from Flickr]

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