Hassle Free Holiday Arrangements

Hassle-Free Holiday Flower Arrangements

With a series of holidays coming up, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the tempo. For those who are not able to put together a flower arrangement every other week, there are few tricks to follow when picking an arrangement that can fit both the fall and winter season.

The first is to avoid having an exact holiday theme, your flower arrangements can still hold all of the warmth of the season without being to specifically geared toward any event.

In this case, flower arrangements need to be kept simple, it is best to opt for fewer flowers, no more than five types in one arrangement.

Monochromatic, is another key word to remember, it will make choosing the flowers easier, as well as keep things to a low key.

In terms of the vase, a simple container dark or opaque is an excellent choice, it does not draw as much attention, and the stems are not visible, meaning that your stems do not have to be perfect.

Evergreen branches and berries for the base of arrangement can be used, then only the flowers need to be changed. Peonies, ranunculus and anemones are great for this type of arrangement.

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