Hardy Plants for The Heat of Summer

London florist Flowers24hours doesn’t hold back when it comes to some of the hardiest flowers and plants for flower delivery. Flower delivery UK, whether it’s summertime or year-round, demands some of the best flower delivery in any market, including perennials, cacti and flowerpot arrangements that can withstand elements and the test of time.

London flower delivery is not just an opportunity to send flowers as gifts or buy flowers which blossom quickly, seeming pretty and vibrant for a week, and then fade altogether too soon. But it’s also an opportunity to provide gift delivery of something that self-renews, grows more beautiful with time, and can be looked forward to and enjoyed time and again. UK florist and gift shop Flowers24Hours sees it in their London-based flower shop each day and in all seasons: our UK flowers might stand tall in a vase or flower pot, with proud petals and straight stems, while the people that come inside might be wilting themselves! And with the summer heat, who can blame them? In different seasons as well, particularly during winter and autumn months, when days are shorter and darker, standard flower delivery UK or a pleasant surprise of same day flower delivery can act as a kind of medicine for both mind and soul.

UK flowers should not only arrive fresh, but also hold onto their online flowers look for longer than a couple of days. As any UK florist knows, of course some types of flowers as gifts will last longer than others. Same day flowers, for example, are a nice treat, but depending on the type of flower delivery, there can be a difference of days or even weeks in the lifespan of a given flower arrangement. London roses are some of the most popular perennials—flowers that can live longer than two years, as opposed to annuals and biennials—when people send flowers to UK friends and family. Other popular perennials, ranked for both international flowers delivery and in the flower market London, are gerberas daises, tulips and lilies.

Of course, the hardiest of plants any florist can offer is the cactus. It won’t matter if you order flowers London, choose between standard flower delivery or same day flowers London, or opt for international delivery—the cactus will hold its stance. It may not seem to offer the “heartiest” welcome at first, but the cactus has a certain charm, a prickly and dry sensibility, which makes it a great flowers gift alternative, especially for mens’ birthday flowers delivery or as an office decoration. Flowers24Hours offers a diverse selection of designer flowers and regionally inspired arrangements, such as the Sahara, Arizona, Wild West and the Siesta. Cacti come in woven baskets or ceramic containers. Deliberating whether you should send flowers to a friend with an overly busy schedule or a university student? The cactus might not sit in front of every flower shop in London, but that makes it no less of a fine choice for plant and flower delivery!

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