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Halloween is approaching and it is time to give it some thought.  The name is derived from “All Hallows Eve” as the 1st of November is All Saint’s Day and such hallowed souls should be remembered. The festival may have pagan roots of Celtic origin.  There are harvest overtones too.  In the chilly lands of the Celts nothing much would grow from November onwards.

Pumpkin Posy

Many customs have developed and spread down through the centuries.  From serious religious observation to childish games there is quite a spread of activities on 31st October every year.  Some must have their origins going back many centuries but have taken on their current form only recently.  One obvious example of that is the carving of pumpkins and lighting them with a candle.  Pumpkins in Britain are a relatively recent phenomenon and have replaced the practice of carving large swedes and lighting them with candles.  However even swedes have only been common enough for children to play with for about the past 250 years so what was used before then?  Even today the Celtic population of Brittany still use skulls for holding and protecting the flames of candles as they go about their Halloween celebrations.

Alongside the use of pumpkins and swedes to make seasonal soups and other favourites, such as pumpkin pie, apples are very common feature of Halloween.  Whether to eat coated in toffee or used in apple bobbing the plentiful supply of apples at this time of year was and is put good use!

Pumpkin Pete

In early evening children go “trick or treating”. This new “custom” is derived from the Irish and Scottish customs of “guising”. The children would wear a costume or disguise and are only supposed to receive treats if they perform for the households they go to. It takes the nature of singing a song or reciting a joke or a funny poem, then the children are presented with fruit or nuts, coins or nowadays, chocolate.

On slightly more adult theme the telling of ghost stories was popular.  Nowadays this is more likely to take the form of a horror film or some variation on that theme.  Going to parties dressed up in costumes with overtones of the supernatural or monsters is common.  It has also become common to become disguised as celebrity or some other currently popular phenomenon.

Autumn Watch

The team at Flowers24Hours have been putting together a delectable gourmet range which is sure to make the perfect treat for Halloween, orange wicker baskets filled with devilishly dark Lindt Lindor chocolates and frightingly tasty biscuits are neatly giftwrapped and finished with a deep red bow.

The London florist has put together a range of haloween flowers which would be suitable for spooky event. Our Halloween flower bouquets include tropical flowers, minature pumpkins, deep blue roses and orchids which can be designed into a carved out pumpkin vase.

  • Midnight Blue Roses – Our deisrable gift includes deep blue roses which are arranged into grey container. The London roses are decorate with white sisal and would look fantastic as a centrepiece for a Haloween event.

Midnight - Blue Roses

  • Pumpkin Samba – This flower arrangement is unique and only availble during October. Deep red tropical flowers are arranged with exotic leaves and placed into a carved out pumpkin. The pumpkin acts as a quirky vase and would make a great gift for someone celebrating Halloween.

Pumpkin Samba

Great Pumpkin

All the Halloween flowers can be delivered same day to London and next day nationwide. Long may the jollity continue!  Be prepared and you will enjoy yourself this year!

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