Growing Wildflowers in Your Garden

Growing Wildflowers in Your GardenWildflowers in the garden can really give your home a unique look. Usually wildflower seeds are simply scattered throughout the soil. There are many things you need to consider before scattering such as height, colour, bloom time and which species are going to benefit from pollenating your flowers.

Furthermore it is vital that you weed thoroughly before sowing your seeds.

One of the flowers recommended by experts is “Baby Blue Eyes” — it blooms in blue and white, is very tolerant of shade, and makes a wonderful sight in containers growing to a height of 10 inches.

“Blue eyed grass” is a type of mini iris and also a perennial. This plant blooms from early to mid spring and is best to get started in a pot, as crab grass usually weeds it out. It is recommended for paths or borders, in semi-shade, and grows best with native irises. In the fall it needs to be cut back so that it returns in early spring at height of 6 inches.

“California poppy” is an early blooming flower, which will repeat its blossoms throughout the months of fall. This flower can be combined with just about any other wildflower…

[Via: LA Times]

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