Growing Clematis in Cooler Climates

Growing Clematis in Cooler ClimatesOne of the best adapted flowering vines is the Clematis. Purple, blue and pink are the best-known colours for this flower though there is a variety of shades available like red and yellow. There are also a variety of shapes available anywhere from large eight-inch hybrids to tiny bells.

In colder climates, it is best to plant this flower in spring, as clematis needs lots of sunshine and even a day of shade can do some damage. It is advisable to support them with a trellis or something similar, due to its delicate nature.

Clematis needs to be planted in soil that drains well. The place where the stem and the roots meet should be about two inches beneath the soil. It is a good idea to use mulch in order to keep plant roots cool and moist.

Pruning clematis will encourage more growth of flowers, but you need to know which kind of clematis you have before you start snipping away. The types with woody stems should only be pruned after they have flowered…


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