Grow Your Own Wildflower Meadow!

London florist and online flower delivery shop Flowers24hours is here to offer you our top advice on how to create a stunning wildflower meadow in your own back garden!

Sometimes weeds can get a bit out of hand in your garden and it can leave you wondering how the wildflower meadows manage to look so beautiful with so little maintenance. Well our top florists are going to share their tips on how to create your very own superb, wildflower garden on any size patch of soil, even in London.

First things first, you need to pick where about it is that you want your meadow to grow. Our tip is that if there are already weeds and grass in that spot, that are growing perfectly well on their own then the soil there is perfect for planting wildflowers.

So, once you have chosen your area divide the packet of seeds in half. Mix the first half with a small amount of light sand.

It is important that you choose a still day to sow the seeds as otherwise the wind will take your seeds and you won’t be able to clearly see where the seeds have landed. The sand will enable you to see exactly where the seeds are and so when you repeat the first step with the second half you will be able to fill in any spots that you missed.

Once you have sowed the seeds, press them into the soil by walking over it. It is important that you do not cover them with any more soil as doing so will prevent the wildflowers from easily sprouting.

Over the next four to six weeks ensure that the newly planted flowers are watered and stay moist during this time.

It is likely that weeds will grow in and amongst the wildflowers as they will also thrive in the environment. Some people may choose to leave them as they are in order to keep a real true to life meadow environment. However if you wish to remove them then it is often easier to look for clumps of plants together. The weeds are likely to grow together in patches which will help you to identify them, whereas your wildflowers will be spread out and you will know whereabouts you planted them.

After the first year, during late Autumn it is recommended that you mow the meadow on a high setting or use a strimmer. This will remove the dead flower heads and help spread the new seeds for the coming year.

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