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We all like to have a plant in the house or on the office desk, but sometimes having fresh flowers is a bit too much and sometimes all you’re really looking for is a bit of greenery to brighten up the area. The flowers delivery London florist offers up a selection of large and small indoor green plants which are suitable for offices or private homes and are all available for cheap flower delivery in the UK.

Green is a tranquil and calming colour, which can make it ideal for placing one of Flowers24Hours green plants in an office or study area to keep stress at bay.

If you’re worried about the lack of flowers making your plant a little less interesting, just bear in mind that sometimes a striking leaf shape can be just as eye-catching as a brightly coloured bouquet of flowers. The top florists at the best flower delivery shop in London have carefully selected a range of different green plants to ensure that each one will add something to whichever room you place the arrangement in.

In fact the greenery can make for the perfect online gifts in the UK as there is no worry about selecting a colour of flower that will appeal to the recipient, instead you just choose from the array of interestingly shaped plants and there is actually much more choice than you would think there is!

The popular ornamental Bonsai tree is an elegantly shaped design and is said to convey deep meanings of meditation, harmony and peace and as a result of this is ideal for remaining calm in the office.

The Schefflera plant from the London flower delivery shop in London is a popular choice for adding a brightly coloured green plant to a room. The umbrella plants leaves are arranged in a whorl around the leaf stem which gives it its umbrella like feature and it makes for an interesting houseplant.

The lucky Bamboo arrangement is said to be a great way to gather positive Chi energy and a way to bring fortune and prosperity into your home. Even if you’re not quite sure if you believe in that or not, the Bamboo piece is a great way to wish someone luck if you choose to order it as an online gift in the UK or to just add an interesting looking plant to your home.

If you’re looking for a bit of a larger indoor plant then the Dracaena could be the perfect plant for you. The narrow leafed plant provides a level of simple elegance and is just right to fill that gap in your home.

If you’re looking for last minute flower delivery, the London flower delivery service provides the option to select same day flower and gift delivery in the UK or next day flower delivery in and around London. Alternatively, if you’d prefer you could opt for the free standard delivery or select the international flower delivery if you’d like to send plants abroad or order them if you live outside of the UK.


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