Which glamorous way will you treat yourself and decorate your tree this Christmas?

Christmas is in the air, and so are ideas for real Christmas trees (with London delivery!) and all sorts of fun, festive and personalised holiday decorations. What better way to personalise and make your Christmas extra special this year than by selecting your own colour scheme for the tree and when decorating at home or the office. So pick from any one of these all white Christmas trees, from the flashiest and most fanciful, to the neutral yet colourful and elegant, subdued hues with colourful accents. You might just love them all:

Snowy white, with crisp floral hues

This all white Christmas tree can be delivered and spray-painted yourself for the snowy effect, or you can order it online to save yourself some time and effort. Either way, it makes a beautiful and luxurious holiday decoration. These trees are great for Christmas parties and especially if you like leaving up your tree through New Year’s.

Consider modern, contemporary Christmas decor like swathes of gold or silver ribbon, leaves, baubles, angels and snowflakes or textured orbs, to make your tree a plentiful and pleasant display for an already festive season.

To break up the monochromatic palette, perhaps you will want to add Christmas shapes (bells, birds, trees and reindeer), easily traced and cut out with stencils, or artistically pile up and layer a bit of burlap by the base of your tree.

Cool and earthy: indigo, brown, copper and white

A subdued variation on the pure white tree is a balance of purple tones, dash of earthy brown, and copper ornaments on white, to make a striking while somewhat less flashy decorated Christmas tree.

Embrace your Christmas blues and greens: Jade, Nile blue and cyan

Some of us wish we had a destination wedding or prefer to escape somewhere warm for the holidays. But alas, we can’t always have it our way. Don’t despair! This blue on white focus for your Christmas tree will imbue your home with seasonal cheer, and at the same time give a nod to the light, airy mood of summer.

Pick from Jade green, Nile blue or cyan. Any one of these will have you happily dwelling upon exotic, warm and distant lands and clear, crisp blues skies.

Boost with Baubles

Sylvie Tsatsaronis, Gallery Director at OzAboriginal adds that “We brighten up our Christmas tree with beautiful baubles designed by Aboriginal artists. Each decoration has a cultural story, and we love that the royalties from the sales go straight to the artists. A lovely way to share culture, while bringing vibrancy and meaning to your festive tree. ”

aboriginal bauble from australia
My Country by Jillary Lynch, Keringke Arts, Santa Teresa NT

Go all the way with gold, gold, gold

If you like glamour, ritzy jazz age decadence and a classic sense of luxury in your holiday decorations, you can’t go wrong with gold on white. Angels, baubles, ornaments of all shapes and sizes can dangle seemingly from the cloudy, ethereal heavens to grace your tree. A sight to behold!

Pale blue and sweet red

A delicate, tender and nostalgic touch to use in and around your home when you decorate for Christmas. Even if you decide to go for a more traditional Christmas colour scheme, with reds, greens and metallics silver and gold, you can still find ways to add colour in other areas of your home, as with Christmas candles, dinner plates, holiday mugs, tablecloths and runners for Christmas dinner.

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