Give Your Garden a Makeover Instantly

Sometimes, it does not matter how hard or carefully you work on your garden you still end up with nasty bare patches. There are, however, a few simple tricks to help you spruce up your garden and have it looking like it has had a complete makeover.

Give Your Garden a Makeover InstantlyUsually bare patches occur at that point in time when one flower has wilted away and you are waiting for another one to bloom.

There is not much to worry about as there are instant flowers to help solve your problem even if you are merely hours away from hosting a garden party.

The next time you are at the garden center or grocery store you should purchase perennials in plastic hanging baskets. Usually, one or two baskets cover 10 square feet of space and you should pick the ones that are brightly coloured.

Geraniums, daisies and scaevolas are the best option as they are available throughout most of the season and they are fairly hearty. The next step is the most simple – you just have to take the hangers off of the baskets and place the baskets of flowers where you have bare patches. These plastic containers are fairly shallow so they will be hidden by other plants in your flower bed.

This is a solution you can use all summer long, once you are done with covering up one space you can move the basket along to another.

[Via: CNN]

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