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Flowers24hours always try to keep the customers best interests in mind; we love a happy customer and we are thrilled when the recipient loves a product which we have designed. We are constantly looking to improve our stock and enjoy creating brand new gifts to our line.

Fresh and innovative ideas are key to a successful business. With our head florists teaming up together designing beautiful new products for our Valentines, Mother’s Day and Women’s Day range, this year has been our best year for new inspiring gifts.

Our most recent range that has been improved is our gift baskets selection.  Fruit, wine, chocolates and may other goodies fill the nifty hand woven baskets making these trendy stylised items the perfect gift for any occasion.

Firstly our newest bestseller the ‘Indulgence Basket’ has captured people’s attention and sold for every occasion. Premium sweet treats fill the hand woven basket and when lined with a fabric ribbon; the gift can be suitable for anyone, English Toffee biscuits, fudge, chocolate wafers and a bottle of wine, makes this the ultimate treat. As we are in spring season we have also included a fresh and beautiful seasonal plant in the basket. The plant may vary dependant on availability but we can guarantee the freshest best plants will always be included especially for you.

Our new ‘Delicious Savoury Basket’ is the first gift that caters for the ‘not so sweet tooth’ person. A bottle of red wine,the finest cheese crackers, tasty olives and crab pate makes this a delicious savoury gift. To make this present like no other we have also added fresh single orchid heads into the basket. The orchid is known as the queen of the flowers due to sheer beauty and longevity and finishes the basket with a touch of class.

‘Jammy Bear’ and ‘Biscuit Basket Bear’ have been our most popular mini treats which were recently introduced into the ‘Spring Gift Basket’ line. Both products are priced at under £30.00 and they are a cheery treat for someone special. ‘Jammy Bear’ includes a cuddly little teddy bear and a basket of premium country delight jams, whilst ‘Biscuit basket bear’ is a little bear cuddling up to 2 flavours of premium country delight cookies.

So if you are looking for a gift that is a little bit different, then why not consider looking into our gift basket range?, we have an array of wonderous treats which could cater for anyone for any occasion,

If you have any enquiries or would like to purchase any of our gifts then you can easily order on our on line shop or simply call 020 7738 4048, and keep a look out for any new and improved treats.


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