Getting Started With Orchids

OrchidsMost gardeners are wary of planting orchids, but once these flowers bloom they are quite a treat and they really are worth the money and the patience.

When you first start growing orchids, you should choose a type that grows indoors. Beginners often make the mistake of buying a showy orchid that needs a tropical greenhouse to grow, and is used for flower shows and by professional growers.

  • The easiest type of orchid to grow is the nun’s orchid – Phaius grandifolius. This flower does not look like a typical orchid but is a good orchid to get started with. It special because it grows in soil like any other houseplant, and the flowers grow on tall spikes that are really beautiful and delicate.
  • Phalaenopis is also another orchid that is easy to get growing. This is the type that you can easily find in any garden center. The flowers are not really flashy, but this orchid grows fairly high and looks great staked to a piece of bamboo.
  • Cattleya and the Paphiopedilum are also orchids that are worth a try for starters.

Most often the reason that orchids do not grow is a lack of adequate sunlight. They need bright but indirect sunlight. Most orchids grow in tropical regions so a bit of humidity is also needed. By planting them on a tray of rocks filled with flower or in the vicinity of a humidifier can greatly improve your chances of success.


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