Get Your Stone Walls Blooming

Get Your Stone Walls BloomingPlanting flowers on a stone wall is not as simple as sprinkling a few seeds along the wall and waiting a few weeks or months to watch them to grow. But the unmortared nooks and crannies of a stone wall definitely ask for some decoration, and flowers are one of the best fillers. Though more often than not weeds take over the role of decoration.

The crannies found in a stone wall are a bit different than the garden found in your yard. The soil is better drained and temperatures are a bit lower. The stones shade the plant roots while heat is retained, which means that temperatures do not swing as frequently as those in the air nearby.

The micro-climates found in the wall differ depending on which direction the wall faces. Those facing north and east are cool throughout the summer, while those facing south and east are extremely warm.

The plants and flowers you should choose for your wall need to enjoy dryer soil, have small leaves or flowers, and plants that trail or drape.


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