Get Your Garden Blossoming by Deadheading

Get Your Garden Blossoming by DeadheadingFlowers are planted in the garden for their beauty, whether perennial or annual. But once the buds have bloomed, the plant starts to work on producing seeds, and the only way to get your flowers to bloom again is to pick off the dead flower heads.

Deadheading is basically removing dead flowers from their stem, and it is the best way to have your flowers bloom over and over again. If you do not do this, your plants will automatically switch into seed production mode.

This process is not a difficult one, you just need to cut or pinch of a flower that has expired. Pinching just means that you take the flower and pull it off with your hands. However, you need to watch out with plants that have shallow root system, as it is possible to pull the entire plant out.

Flowers need to be deadheaded as soon as the blossom has died, so that the plant is sure to produce flowers and not seeds. It is best to clip off the flowers of perennials, as they can be a bit more temperamental.


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