Get the Best out of Your Mums

Get the Best out of Your MumsThere are all sorts of chrysanthemums to choose from, bushy ones to tall upright plants or gigantic blooms. Moreover there is also as wide a variety of colours.

They are easy to handle, you just have to buy them, plant them and enjoy. If you want to bring out the best in your mums, you just need to pinch back their heads from time to time. This takes only your thumb and index finger, pinching off the last inch or so of the stem. Summer is the best time of year to do this.

Mums flower as the days get shorter, larger varieties need to be grown in greenhouses in order to flower in time.

To make your bushy mums even bushier, start pinching off the buds when the plant is just 6 inches tall, and each time the shoots grow another 6 inches repeat this process. Usually this type of mum blooms in July, so you want to leave the buds on before the bloom date…

[Via: Seattle Times]

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