Are you wondering which flowers you should gift to the most popular guy at work? Making a choice for the popular and unpredictable Gemini persons can sometimes be tough. Quick witted and inventive, Geminis increase the fun quotient of any party. Their flexible, clever, and resourceful attributes are the secrets behind their charisma. Scholarly as well as articulate, young as well as vivacious, Gemini enjoys variety and spice in their lives. If you want to gift flowers to a Gemini do you know which flowers will appeal to them and attract their attention?

Uniquely shaped flowers such as alliums, celosia, and anthuriums along with lilies, maiden hair fern, daffodil, ranunculus, goldenrod, and cacti appeal to the Gemini characteristics. Being master communicators and multi-taskers, they are drawn to risk and love to spice up their life with variety. Considering their preferences and temperament, gift them a big bouquet of exciting and wonderful flowers.

Your Gemini friend or loved one can benefit from remedies using flowers such as White Chestnut, Hornbeam, Mimulus, Morning Glory, Cerato, Shasta daisy, and Lavender Blackberry. The amazing fragrances can help calm the busy mercurial mind of the Gemini. The flower essence aids in thinking and communicating in a better way, also in balancing an over-active nervous system. Anxiety, fear, nervous exhaustion, restlessness, and hyperactivity can be balanced to quite an extent.

Choose a collection that has all the favourite colours and flowers to assemble a perfect gift. As Gemini love to have a balance in their lives, the calming properties of the lavender are a good option while red roses are the safest bet.


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