Gardening the Hard Way

Gardening the Hard Way

Guerilla gardeners are giving the tougher aspect of gardening a go – they work at night, in areas that are unforgiving and they really get their hands dirty.

Diana Oppenheim and her group of friends are part of this movement. They garden once a month in some of the rougher parts of Chicago.

She explains, “One day you walk by a place, and there’s nothing there. The next morning you wake up, and there’s flowers. It’s a kind of gratification… I originally started out to do this every week, but that was too ambitious. I tried to get florists to contribute, but they were reluctant to give flowers to the weird girl.”

Recently Oppenheim’s group targeted Smith Park, which once used to be a garbage dump, “I was thinking how people come by here a lot and it could be prettier.”

The gardeners in this group are hoping to make the city a bit prettier, and that others will latch onto the idea, too.


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