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The season really has turned where I am.  How to respond?  I have very little space to play with so I have a number of items in containers. A lot of their contents are vulnerable to frost so will not last much longer but they are still worthwhile to look at.  Do I changeover now to plants suitable for winter or do I hang on with the current plants?  Best to get a move on I think as an early start to the new plantings will bring them on that bit sooner.

Outdoor Plants
Outdoor Plants

Usually it is best to replace the compost.  New compost is should have balanced ingredients and if it is to be used in the colder part of the year one is unlikely to need to add any fertilizer.  Keep it simple!  That simple slogan applies to the plants one wants to use.  Winter flowering pansies or violas are an economical choice as are spring bulbs which will follow through in a few months time.  Any colours will do, they will purely be one’s own personal preference.   If one is not growing from seed one can obtain t seedlings from a nursery.  Simply follow the instructions.  A little practice always helps so if one’s first attempts are a little disappointing they will improve next year!

Of course if one does not have the patience for the slow progress of plants one can always take the easy way and drop in on a florist!  A bit pricier but these days there is so much choice one does not have to be without colour even in the gloomiest months!

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