Spring Blooms For Your Garden

After a long winter that is full of snow, ice, and cold many gardens look depressing. Luckily, spring is here and that means that beautiful flowers will soon be in bloom. In order to prepare a garden for spring there are many things that need to be done, including the selection of new plants. Here are a few spring flowers that can add a little bit of beauty to any garden.

Miniature Snowflake. The “Miniature Snowflake” is a variant of the mock orange plant and it is an easy to grow small shrub. It is known for its beautiful fragrance and adorably delicate flowers. The Miniature Snowflake needs regular watering, at least once a week, and full sun. It can grow up to 3 feet or 4 feet tall and wide, which means it is a plant that requires plenty of space. The flowers from this shrub are wonderful to cut for arrangements as well as for landscaping. It attracts both butterflies and hummingbirds, and features pristine white flowers. Mock orange shrubs are best
1544599_10152088218373915_2048120916337455976_nplaced along fence lines or as a boundary shrub.

Tulip. The tulip is a classic spring flower that is popular throughout the world. It is naturally cheerful and beautiful with its unique cup-shaped bloom and can lend itself to both casual and elegantly decorated gardens. Also, there are plenty of different kinds of tulips, so there is one for every garden no matter the desired style. Tulips come in a variety of colours as well, truly they can be found in almost any variation. The tulip enjoys partial or full sun and blooms in the spring when planted in the fall. Gerbera Spring flowers for your garden spring flowers delivery London flowers online Spring flower arrangements Flower same day london delivery Gift delivery UK

Puschkinia. The puschkinia, also known as the striped squill, features unique, delicate striped flowers in white or blue with white stripes. The blooms are star shaped and very fragrant. Tall stalks make these perfect to grow in contrast with lower growing plants. and can grow to be 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide. The puschkinia enjoys full sun or partial sun, along with moist soil. When grown from seeds the puschkinia can take up to four years to flower, so starting from a bulb is the way to go.

Summer Snowflake. Summer snowflake feature drooping, bell-like flowers that are shaped like snowflakes. Summer snowflakes are incredibly easy to grow as well – they love soil that drains well, but are unable to grow in soggy soil or standing water. They also thrive in any kind of light, from full sun to shade. They have a light scent, making them perfect for gently fragrant spring bouquets that are not overpowering. These plants provide beautiful, hardy flowers with hardly any effort.

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There are literally hundreds of flowers that can be planted in a garden this spring, so this list is just a short guide to what is out there. Check out London Flowers 24 Hours, same day flower delivery shop, for more ideas and make sure to do adequate research in order to secure the very best looking flowers for your garden!


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