Garden gnomes given grief at Chelsea Flower Show

the garden gnome

Garden gnomes have come under scrutiny this year by the RHS Flower Show organisers. 13 time gold winner Jekka McVicar has been asked to remove the little figurine from her display.

McVicar is not the only exhbitor asked to remove figurines from her display today, which is the first day the Chelsea Flower Show has opened its doors to the Queen and the media.

Contemporary garden designer David Domoney had included figurines made of nails and spark plugs, which have also been asked to be removed as they are simply, “against the rules”.

Domoney’s response to this was, “I have seen the officials snooping around but this is a bikers’ garden and these are miniature bikers made from nails and spark plugs. They look like aliens or predators, not wimpish gnomes. They’ve spotted one but there is another. If they are confiscated, who is to say if there are not others on standby? But I can’t talk about that.”

Garden gnomes have long been considered by the British gardening elite to be too common for such a highly influential event. McVicar, whilst embarrassed over the fuss she has started regarding these gnomes has defended them, saying,

“I am a council member of the RHS because it is inspirational for gardeners — but there has to be an element of fun. Gardening can be too serious.”

McVicars gnome, Borage, has been her lucky mascot for over 15 years though has never made an appearance at the Chelsea Flower Show. He was brought in this year as it is McVicars final year as an exhibitor at the event.

“I just think Borage is wonderfully good-taste. He’s not brightly coloured. He’s a subtle gnome, though definitely not an upper-class gnome. Borage will not be taken away, but he will not be spotted. He will be buried in the depth of the garden.”

Chelsea Flower Show, which has sold out in previous years, has not managed to sell all of their tickets quite yet but are quite close with only hundreds of their 157,000 tickets left.  So for all of you attending this year and those of you who are still going to get tickets, watch out for hidden Borage and a potentially shock return of David Domoney’s alien-esque figurines. If you’re not attending but would like to, check out the live webcam of the event!

(Source: Times Online)

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