Freshen up before Spring

Fresh up flowers

We are all just about as tired as possible of winter and though spring is not far away, we are just hungry for some signs of spring.

If you are looking to treat someone to a special gift like an arrangement of beautiful flower, you might not have to as all-out on colour as you think. Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of green foliage to bring some freshness into an arrangement and the home.

There is no better way to get a head start on indoor gardening, than by getting or giving the gift of a wonderful green plant., has many of these unique and unusual gifts available. Many of our tropical plants are impressive to say the least.

Take for example the Single Guzmania, it is a plant that enjoys humidity and warmth as it originates from South America. The contrast green and red foliage will give even the most drab offices or rooms a boost.

The Achmea plant is almost a work of art on its own. The foliage is white marbled, which beautifully complements the pink flower blooming on this plant. It is a great gift to give someone moving into a new home, or a plant for a new office space.

For something with a more playful feel try the Tillandsia Trio. It is a spirited arrangement with an explosion of green foliage, yet the way it has been arranged gives it a sophisticated air.

The Brazil is a planted delight, this arrangement breathes the warmth of a tropical beach, and is sure to make any space a bit more pleasant.

The Zamia is for someone who truly likes the greener side of things. This plant is all foliage, yet it is still impressive with its deep green colour. It is a plant that can be easily maintained, so can be the perfect gift for just about anyone.

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