Flower Care Tips to Make the Most of Your Fresh Flowers

Most flower arrangements will last five to seven days, but flower delivery service Flowers24Hours has these great tips on how to make your gift flowers last as long as possible. They have a wonderful range of luxury flowers London an offer free delivery flowers UK and same day flower delivery London.

Flowers make great gifts UK and top florists London do all they can to ensure your blooms look beautiful when they arrive. But to ensure your flowers UK stay perfect for longer, follow these simple tips

1. Clean the vase with washing up liquid before use to ensure all bacteria is removed and fill with room temperature water. These are the optimum conditions for your UK and London flowers.

2. Remove dead petals and blooms and trim the stems with a  sharp knife at a 45 degree angle before placing in the water. A knife is better to use than scissors which can squash the stems, but use garden shears for thick, woody stems. Make sure none of the leaves are submerged in water.

3. Use the correct amount of fresh flower food to water so that it works correctly – they should not be too strong or too diluted. If the solution becomes cloudy, replace with properly mixed flower food. Flower food will be provided when you order London flowers same day delivery from flower shops in London and the UK.

4. Be sure to change your flowers’ water regularly with room temperature water. Remove any leaves or pieces of stem from the water to ensure that bacteria doesn’t grow, thus shortening the life of your flowers UK. Gerberas in particular are susceptible to bacteria which causes their heads to droop, so change their water every couple of days. You can have next day flowers delivered from Flowers24Hours who have a wonderful range of colourful gerberas.

5. Recut the flower stems each time you replace the water to ensure that the flowers can best absorb water and nutrients.

6. Most flowers prefer cool temperatures, so it’s best to display them away from direct sunlight or near a source of heat like a radiator or televisions which will cause the flowers to dehydrate. Bird of Paradise flowers, however, prefer a warm spot. Flowers24Hours has a great range of exotic flowers, like Bird of Paradise, available for online flower delivery UK and they also offer international flower delivery.

7. Did you know that placing fresh flowers near fruit affects how long they last? Ripening fruit gives off ethylene gas which causes flowers to age prematurely. Carnations, gerberas and orchids are particularly sensitive to this, so make sure you keep them away from fruit and vegetables for best results.

If you’re looking for London flowers delivery same day, Flowers24Hours offers an impressive range of designer flowers London. They have a great range of flowers and gifts, so you can always include extra treats like chocolates and wine when you send flowers UK. Follow these tips and your flowers gift will stay beautiful for longer.

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