Fresh Cut Flowers, Always a Great Gift

Fresh Cut Flowers, Always a Great GiftThough the Christmas season is coming to an end, we still have many reasons and occasions to give our loved ones gifts. There are many new long-lasting varieties to have a look at this year.

Flowers always add a bit of colour and fragrance to our daily lives, and if they are cared for properly they can live almost twice as long.

Keeping your flowers clean is a very important factor in helping them last — never keep you flowers in dirty vases. Adding bleach to the water is a good idea – this prevents bacteria from blocking the stems.

Cut the stems of the flowers one more time the moment you receive them.

Flowers prefer constant temperatures, so it is best to keep them in a cooler room, not one that is warm by day and cool by night.

Research has shown that fresh flowers are the gift that makes people happiest. They are not expensive and there is always a huge supply, so give your garden center a visit.

[Via: MapleBridgeNews]

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