Freeze Dried Flowers Last Forever

Perpetual Petals is a store owned by Julie Loukas, which she opened after she had three years ago. One night she was watching a show on Home and Garden Television where a woman was using a table-top freeze-drying machine. She was showing the process of making flowers that last forever.

Freeze Dried Flowers

Loukas got down to work and started doing some extensive research. When she had all the facts, she got a large freeze drying machine shipped over from New Zealand. It looks kind of like a submarine and it has the ability to freeze about 3500 roses at once. Loukas uses this machine about once every four days.

Through the process of freeze drying the boiling point of liquid is dropped bellow the point of freezing. The vapor that is created is collected in another chamber and turned into ice.

When flowers are freeze dried they retain their structure and color, losing very little of their size.

Loukas says this is one of the best ways to hold onto your treasured flowers. The best results are achieved by using the freshest flowers possible. This is a great way to hold onto your flowers and your memories.

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