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We are delighted to announce that we are holding a fantastic summer promotion where our customers can receive a delicious sweet treat of Lindt Lindor chocolates with every order placed on our online shop during summer months of August and September.IMG_7691

We are pleased to announce the promotion ahead of the summer holiday season, as it is our way to celebrate our national annual escape from the grey days of winter.

The chocolate giveaway applies on all customer orders for delivery all over the United Kingdom. The free chocolates are a way of saying ‘thank you’ to our customers for their support in helping our business grows through a very difficult economic time.

The Lindt chocolates comes hand wrapped in a twist of pretty organza, tied with a luxurious silk bow, and contain delicious milk chocolate truffles with a smooth melting filling. Lindtuses only the freshest, highest quality produce which is we are offering these as our number one chocolate brand.


Our chocolate promotion is an incentive to our buying public during this holiday time. It’s a season for relaxation and a little self indulgence as a reward after a hard year’s work

To send an extra special summer gift to your best friend, your mother, your partner, your colleague or even your sports or screen idol, choose your present with us and impress with your thoughtfulness. Those extra chocolates are just the finishing touch!

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