Fragrant Flowers Adding Beautiful Scents to the Garden

Fragrant Flowers Adding Beautiful Scents to the GardenMost gardeners have already got their summer gardens in bloom, but a garden at this time of year is not complete without a few fragrant flowers to please the nose as well as the eye. There are even some plants with a floral perfume that can consume your garden for weeks, in aura of beautiful scents.

Among these types of flowers is the common English honeysuckle, a climbing plant that needs to be tied to some kind of support.

This plant has beautiful pink buds which transform into cream coloured flowers, that slowly fade off to a yellow shade. Once the flowers drop their petals, they are replaced with red berries which will bring birds flocking to your garden.

If you decide to buy one of these flowers for your garden, remember to smell it before you buy it because the scents can vary and some are not as nice as others. This flower does not need much care, other than a bit of pruning to keep things under control.


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