Forests Have Some New Flowers to Offer for Summer

forest flower - bugleThe bluebells of spring are starting to fade away but there is another flower that is growing into their place. This is also a flower with a blue shade and it grows densely on forest floors the same way bluebells do. Bugle is type of flower that has a bright blue flower along with colorful leaves and a bright stem. The leaves have a dark purple color which contrasts starkly with the flowers.

This flower “bugle” is not named after the musical instrument as many first may be inclined to think, it actually derives its name from a type of bead used to decorate dresses which also has a blue color. Bugle used to have medicinal uses — when used in ointments it was believed that it would heal wounds more quickly.

Another flower coming to replace the bluebells of spring is the “foxglove.” They open up in the woods when more light comes through the dense foliage. This flower grows on a large stalk which can grow fairly high, around five feet, and there are usually around 30 or 40 flowers found on each stalk. Foxglove is very soft; it has pink or purple colored flowers which are most often dark purple at the base. This flower is used as a heart stimulant but on its own it is very poisonous.

[Via: Times Online]

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