Bring Your Garden to Work: Professional Flower Productivity Boosters

Who would have thought that you could tend to your good health, your productivity at work and your garden all at once! Well, you can. Whether you are interested in creating a DIY terrarium, a mini spice and herb rack for the cafeteria windowsill, or gorgeous fresh flower arrangements—it’s absolutely within your power.

As well as being proven mood boosters and experts at purifying the air and making it healthier for us to breathe, there are countless benefits to having plants and flowers in your workplace. Dmitrii from Regex SEO says: “ As a business owner, I see 3 main benefits of having real plants in our office:

“1. It surely livens up the office and makes it non-stereotypical. The happiness and morale of employees goes up, and perception of a business is better by potential clients as well.

“2. Being in the marketing arena, the plants are easily used as analogies of profitable and successful campaigns, both internally and when talking to clients.

“3. And, probably, the best benefit of having plants in our office is that everyone gets a plant “assigned” to them as soon as they start working with us. How they take care of that plant tells us a lot about their personalities, strong suits and areas of potential improvements. No Meyers-Briggs test required!”

Michael Gasperenas from Pure House Cleaning adds: “Minimalistic workspaces are ideal for workers to thrive. However, simple items like flowers can improve their motivation and morale in the workplace. A simple item such as fresh flowers can brighten up a worker’s day and also create a “sense of community” and “discussion points” within the business, which can easily build a sense of togetherness in the business. Place these flowers in strategic areas such as at the admin area, food area, or break out spaces.”

You can cultivate an array of low-maintenance office flowers, from the inspiring to the energizing, and always beautiful. Here are a bunch of plants and flower arrangements you’ll definitely want to grow at work:


Orchids of the Phalaenopsis variety and Cymbidiums are especially hardy, lush little office plants that not only require minimal care, but they are also exotic and alluring in their appeal. Orchids can last you up to three weeks!


Just in time for the autumn season, chrysanthemums are a stunning, captivating blossom that will last up to a month in a vase on your desk, bookshelf or windowsill. Just make sure you switch out the water each morning when you arrive to work.

(Another orchid tip: increase the lifespan of your orchids by trimming the stems.)


Good for budgets, brightly colored and cheery, with plenty of delightfully varying shades and hues to choose from, carnations are an understandably popular choice in flower!

Hearty indoor herbs and sturdy spices

Growing your own herbs and spices indoors is a great way to feel more connected to nature and introduce healthier, natural ingredients to your food. By cultivating a spice or two at the office, you can build in the opportunity to get up, stretch your legs, and water your mini office garden. There’s also always the option to share your bounty with your boss and coworkers!

Mint, parsley and chive all grow in profusion, yet only require a little bit of light each day. Lemon grass is a soil-less plant, making it super easy and clean to grow inside. Rosemary doesn’t need much water. And though Greek oregano isn’t finicky about care, it does need six or eight hours of sunlight each day.

Office flowers and plants: no green thumb required!

There are also a number of office plants that are so easy to care for that they can grow practically unattended. Bamboo plants, for example, can be grown in pebbles, pure water or soil, and only need watering once per week.

Cacti and succulents need even less water. While growing, however, you should water these plants about once per week, then sparingly after they are mature.

Cute little succulents are kin to cacti, as they also thrive in arid conditions. Miniature cactus and succulents are the ideal plants for creating your own terrarium. Mosses, aloe, Zanzibar, spider plants, and many other succulent and cacti varieties can be layered with gravel, charcoal and soil in a clear glass container, such as a fishbowl or jar.

Do you need weekly fresh flower arrangements delivered? If you’re interested in indoor office plants and corporate flowers that actually last, check out some of Flowers24Hours flower arrangements, easy to care for and a fantastic, natural way to feel energized and inspired at work.

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