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Now that spring is in the air (at last!) it is time to think of the sunny outside. Spring is the perfect season to concentrate on gardening and preparing to plant pretty flowers and scented herbs. When thinking of gardening we tend to split in our minds between plants which are useful and others that are ornamental.  However, with a little bit of knowledge and imagination we can enjoy both aspects of plants.

Herb WheelbarrowHerbs are the obvious choice.  They can supplement our diet yet also give us something delightful and interesting to look at.  We must not overlook the scents emanating from many herbs either!  There are some surprising options out there.  Some types of lavender can be grown for their appearance, their scent – and for their culinary contribution!  (Do be careful, not all varieties are suitable for eating).

There are just too many types and varieties of herbs to mention, but amongst the most common that can be grown outdoors in a cool climate include parsley, sage, basil, mint, oregano and thyme.

There are many containers suited for all types of herbs and seasonal plants, plastic containers are affordable and serviceable but they sadly can be a bit disappointing aesthetically.  Pottery containers are more pleasing and better in the hot weather but are heavier to manage and can be more expensive.  There is plenty of choice in metal containers nowadays.  They do not always come with drainage holes; it is advisable that you should drill some if you want to keep plants for a whole growing season.   Plants can be placed into the ground still in their pots, making sure that the base is opened up for the roots to go down, to ensure that some (especially mint) do not spread like weeds!

Herbs & SpicesHerbs can be placed beside paths and when their growth is stepped on their crushed leaves release a delightful scent.  Just be careful not to slip!  One can also extend “herbs” to include the likes of nasturtiums to trail down from above, giving colour with edible leaves and flowers!

We at Flowers24hours have created a brand new range of herb planters which we are sure would be loved by all, a suitable gift for both men and women, the herb planter range can be perfect for any occasion. The new range has been created by our design team and is not only in-line with current trends but they are also at an affordable price.

‘Herb Wheelbarrow’ is our newest gift to be available on the flowers24hours’ online catalogue, this country styled wheelbarrow includes a hand-woven basket which sits on a decorative metal frame, the basket is then filled with decorative edible herbs and is suitable for indoors or outdoors, The gift would look perfect in any home.

‘Herbs & Spices’ is also one of our newest gifts to be included in the herb planters range, this cheery gift includes two types of scented edible plants and a jar or award winning Tomato, garlic and ginger chutney, the plants and cottage delight jar are placed into a decorative green container and would make a perfect gift for any food or plant enthusiast.

Keep an eye on flowers24hours for more additions to the herb planters range as well as promotional discounts and special offers.

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