Flowers Which Tolerate Drought

Watering flowers can be never ending work during the summer. That is why drought-tolerant flowers can be an excellent alternative. There are many varieties out on the market that you should know about.

Flowers Which Tolerate DroughtThe types of flowers you choose to put in your garden can make all the difference.

Lavender plants are placed in the shrub category because they can grow to quite a large size but they are truly flowers.

Yarrow, agastache and salvias like lipstick and May-night are all flowers with brilliant colours like purple, red and yellow.

The stunning aster is a great choice for those who are looking to put wild flowers in their gardens.

Lambs ears is a type of flower that is used very rarely and should be given more attention. It has a fuzzy blue/gray leaf, which can work beautifully as a border to your plants.

Coneflowers are easy to grow and there are quite a few colours to choose from.

Finally, marigolds and coreopsis are a wonderful choice, they add a splash of colour and they also get butterflies to drop by for a snack.


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