Flowers to Attract Butterflies to your Garden

Flowers to Attract Butterflies to your GardenMost of us have been fascinated by butterflies since childhood, they are one of few insects that we can truly say are beautiful. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our gardens would be full of these beauties?

Butterflies are very specific and it takes a special blend of flowers to attract them to any garden. They need a specific host plant when they are in the caterpillar stage, and usually these are flowers that are native to the area. Hybrid plants and flowers do not provide the food that these insects crave.

Planting flowers that attract butterflies to the garden can be beneficial in two ways: the butterflies get food and humans get the benefit of having a pollinator in their garden.

You need to plant two types of plants in the garden if you want to attract these beauties – host plants and nectar rich plants. The host plants are necessary for the baby caterpillars to live off of, while flowers rich in nectar provide food for adult butterflies. Make sure to plant a garden in the sun, where there isn’t a lot of wind. It is also a good idea to plant on the place where you can see it and enjoy the butterfly show.


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