Flowers That Sow Themselves Good for Organic Gardeners

Self-sowing flowers otherwise known as Garden Volunteers are a nice surprise and budget-wise gardening. There are several important things to know about working with these types of flowers.

Flowers That Sow Themselves Good for Organic GardenersThe flowers that are especially good for organic gardeners are: larkspure, California poppy, cleome, catchfly, amaranth, sweet alyssum, moonflower, tall verbena, love-in-a-mist, calendula, bells of Ireland, celosias and cosmos.

With these flowers it is important to mulch at the right time — this means that you should not mulch when it suits you but when the time is right for the flowers you wish to plant.

Love-in-a-mist, calendula and other flowers which are fairly abundant when they start to bloom should be neatened, or you can even take clumps of them and put them in other parts of your garden.

Larkspur and California poppy are flowers that are fairly easy to transfer to pots in late spring. All you need is a trowel and pot that suits you.

With self-sowing flowers you need to observe where they grow, so that you can collect seeds. Keep an eye out for locations where your favourite flowers grow and talk to other gardeners.

[Via: Pittsburgh Live]

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