Flowers That Grow out of Paper

The Oakthrift Corporation has come up with a new and innovative idea – cards with seeds in them.

Flowers That Grow out of Paper

This card is called “The Plant-It” and it is a paper card that has seeds embedded into it. The card is made of 100% re-cycled paper, the inks are soy-base, and pigments are completely organic and grow into flowers when planted. Great for the home, office or garden.

This product has seen a lot of success in the United States and is set to be introduced in Britain in September.

The way “The Plant-It” works is that a paper card is impregnated with wild flower seeds through a unique manufacturing process. When this card is planted, the paper actually acts like mulch for the seeds. Once your special someone is done with the card they can just plant indoors or outdoors and wait for the beautiful flowers to grow.

This is a neat way to promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle and organisations can also use these cards, literature, bookmarks and flyers to demonstrate that they are environmentally responsible. The possibilities with this paper are unlimited as it can be cut and moulded into any shape.

[Via: MarketWatch]

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