Flowers Soaking up the World Around Them

Flowers Soaking up the World Around ThemFlowers are not just pretty – they have a tendency to reflect the world around them, by absorbing all the good and the bad things happening in their area.

On sunny days they spread their petals wide and absorb the warmth. When the weather is grey and cloudy they droop. No matter what the weather or day you are having, flowers are sure to brighten things up just a little bit.

This is why Susan Morgan has made flowers her life. She has designed her flower business to help the moods of her customers.

Whether her customers are happy or sad she is right there alongside them to empathize even if she barely knows their names.

She says, “I have met some really incredible people. You can come in because you’re happy, and I can just suck that right out of people without them knowing about it. Or, I can talk to them when they’re down and offer some words, tell them it sucks that the girl dumped them or say I’m sorry about their loss. I love what this job does for my soul.”

[Via: Greeley Tribune]

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