Flowers Putting out Fires

Flowers Putting out Fires

People who like to have a bit of fried food from time to time probably have a fair share of stories about almost burning the house down after leaving hot oil unattended. Those people who have fried without starting a fire once or twice are pretty lucky. If you have had a few experiences with starting fires then there is a product that will suit you just fine. Instead of a big clunky fire extinguisher there is a smaller more pleasant alternative, which is quite easy to use.

This new product is called the Fire Flower and it looks like a silk flower that can be attached to your fridge via the magnets found in its stem. If the grease or oil in your pan accidentally catches fire, you just need to snatch the flower off of the fridge and put the end of the flower with petals into the fire. There are certain chemicals found in the flower, which create a thick film that puts out the fire, possibly saving your kitchen and house from damage.

These flowers come in packages of two and there are pink and yellow ones to choose from. They last for two years and then they have to be exchanged as the chemicals lose their extinguishing power.


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