Flowers for the Journey. Funeral Flower Designs by Flowers24hours Flower Delivery Company

Flowers can be a very powerful gesture.  They can convey many emotions throughout our lives, as well as portraying all the sadness, grief and memories of those loved and lost.  Funeral flowers can convey your respect, appreciation and love for the dearly departed, as amongst family and friends good byes’ are said.

Funeral flowers and funeral flower arrangements by are designed in all shapes, sizes and colours, from the more variant sunny bright yellow, to the more sober lilac, representing both the happier times spent with the departed, to the sadder times of the present, every tribute being just as beautiful and meaningful in their sentiments as each other, and their scents and colours often help make a sad, gloomy time, a better one.

With centred in London, you have a choice of many funeral tributes’ and professional florist and caring staff are always available to help and guide you should you have any doubts or queries, all that is asked of you is that you give us the necessary details in order for every aspect of your loved ones funeral to run smoothly.  These details would include the name and funeral date of the person departed and the address of where the funeral flowers should be delivered. We ask that should your delivery be made to the funeral home or crematorium that the departed name be used, whereas should the flowers be delivered to a home address that it should be in the name and address of a relative.

The flowers themselves are joy to behold in their light and dark shades of colours and shapes, some representing the happier, lighter side of life shared with the departed, as in the more unique design of Sunny Days designed by This design is truly unique with its bright yellow petal type arrangement, its dark red inner circle, a beautiful contrast, and it is surrounded by green foliage, completed by a bright yellow ribbon around its border. Who can’t help but smile, even at this sad time, when you see something as bright and cheerful as the Sunny Days tribute, which is also a good talking point.

All floral tributes come with foliage, on a base, and are topped with additional flowers or flower sprays, depending on the design chosen. They are ribbon bordered to match the tribute, including that of silver ribbon as in the Silence Tribute, with its white chrysanthemums, its wreath topped with a stunning spray of mixed flowers and silver ribbon around its edge.

The tributes come in various colours including blue, lilac, multi-coloured, orange, peach and pink, purple, red, white and yellow. The flowers are all handpicked, and with our quick delivery service, 24 hours if in London, to the following day in the rest of the UK, you can guarantee that they will arrive fresh and beautiful with its intoxicating sweet aroma at every funeral.

Colours can be as original designed or mixed and matched as chosen by the customer wherever possible, although it must be remembered that flowers’ are seasonal, so sometimes a substitute has to found, but you can be rest assured that the match will be as near as possible to your original request, both in its colour scheme and the variety of flowers chosen.

There are also standard wreaths and sprays available at including the religious symbols of a beautiful Prayer Book, perhaps showing not only sympathy but also respect for the religious values and views of the departed. The funeral Flower Cushion chosen with love and care could be a symbol of the departed now being able to rest, as peace prevails around them.

The religious, popular White Cross is often placed upon the coffin lid itself as a form of condolence; its whiteness can be seen as the sign of purity and innocence in your loved one.

Floral Letters designed from one letter to as many as the customer chooses are also available, including the words Mum and Dad, they all look very attractive as your loved ones funeral goes by. supply a card with  most of their tributes, so as a personal message can be written upon it, not only signifying your last farewell, but it can also have a saying or quote about the good times spent in each other’s company.

I have worked for the funeral service, and know how important this last message to the deceased can be to the left behind, they often think hard and long before anything is written down, sometimes taking the card home to consider what their last words to the deceased should be. I also know that Floral Tributes are not always up to the best standard; with you will have no fear of this ever being a problem.

Be it, Tied Sheaf’s, solid love hearts, single or double, or any of the other beautiful tributes, they all add to the vast array of funeral choices, so there is never any shortage, all you have to do is choose what you feel is best suited for your loved one as he/she makes her/his final journey, not only on our streets and roads but as they travel into the vast beyond.

For funeral flowers for men and traditional funeral flowers delivery in London and the UK please visit or flower delivery shop Flowers24hours – we offer cheap funeral flowers and top quality flower design.

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