Flowers Helping Us Survive

Indus, a branch of the Worldwide Fund for nature, has released a calendar depicting twelve types of wild flowers, in order to spread awareness about type of flora.

Flowers Helping Us Survive

The following species are found in the calendar: cistanche tubiulosa ( phatakwar), barleria prioitis (kala bansa), fumaria indica (shatra), euphorbia caducifolia (thuhar), capparis deciduas (karir), acacia nilotic(babul), solanum nigrum(mako), oxytelma esculentum (dhudhani), barleria acanthaiodes (kakoori booti), nerium indicum(kaner), senna alexenderina(senna-i-makki) and citrullus colocynthis (indrayan).

With the exception of one, all of these flowers have medicinal properties — not enough research has been done on the balaeria.

These flowers have other useful functions as well. They help soil from eroding by keeping it intact. They are also important for the top soil flora, and are part of an intricate web of life that we are not aware of. In fact, many of these flowers play a direct role in helping us survive. They link together many parts of the ecosystem.

This is especially a question of concern as many countries are pushing for urbanization and not really caring for the maintenance of the environment. Wild flower species are going extinct all the time, and we will never know when we wipe out the most important link.


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