Flowers Helping Mothers Working in Columbia for Mother’s Day

Over a million mothers will be getting bouquets of flowers this coming mother’s day, which may seem like a big waste of flowers.

lovely bouquetThis Mother’s Day the gift of flowers will have even more meaning. There is a company called Florverde in Columbia, which is helping the mothers working for them. The florticulture industry in Columbia is an ever expanding business bringing in a lot of money. Women employed in this field can become certified for a program. Asocolflores, which gives these working mothers aid for their families. They get funding for education, health-care, housing, childcare, and they are included in many other programs.

The certified flowers of Florverde, will be send to the United States by the millions, 2 million stems to be exact. Those who buy flowers for their mothers next month can feel that they have a part in this as Columbia is the greatest supplier of flowers to the United States.

Augusto Solano, President of the Columbian Association of Flower Exporters (Asocolflores) says, “Families can take comfort in knowing when they celebrate mother’s day, or any other day, with the purchase of flowers, they are also helping to enhance the lives of thousands of Columbian women and mothers working in our country’s floriculture industry.” Solano goes on to say, “Through the growing Florverde initiative, more Columbian women and families will have the opportunity to benefit from social, environmental, labor, and occupational health and safety standards we have established.”

If you want to give your mother a truly meaningful and beautiful gift perhaps this year flowers will be the right choice.

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