Flowers Get Second Life In Nursing Homes

Flowers Get Second Life In Nursing HomesRecently, flowers awed the masses at the Colorado Garden and Home Show. They are seeing a second life in the nursing homes of Denver.

According to the spokesperson for the Garden and Home Show, Amy Moynihan, after the visitors have left the show the thousands of flower featured are packed up and sent in trucks to Coors Field, where 200 Rotarians wait to carry out the rest of the task.

About 60 Front Range nursing homes will be receiving the beautiful blooms.

Moynihan said, “The word gets around quickly in these nursing homes. They all want to come out and pick their favourite flowers. It really makes their day. The Rotary Club has been delivering Garden and Home Show flowers to nursing homes for more than 25 years.”

Volunteer, Molly Perriman says, “My dad’s in Rotary. I’ve been coming with him to deliver flowers since I was 5 years old. Sometimes these are the only flowers the nursing home patients get. Their faces light up. You can’t even describe how happy they are.”


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