Flowers from Japan to the United States

Flowers from Japan to the United StatesAs a child growing up in Susono, Japan, Mayumi Williamson fell in love with flowers.

She spent her younger years taking ikebana classes (Japanese flower arrangement). But after the years went by she found that this form of art was a bit too difficult for her taste. She continued to practise and her talents began to develop.

She says, “I learned to show my artistic expression in floral arranging like I did with painting. Flowers are really good materials to work with.”

She eventually made her way to the United States, where she began to instruct classes. She added, “Back then, I didn’t speak English very well, but I still knew the skill.”

Eventually she ended up opening her own flower shop. “There were no jobs here, but I knew I could do flowers. While I was on vacation in Japan, my husband called me and told me about a store space that was available and asked me if I wanted it.”

Her shop has now been open for 11 years and she share her knowledge of a more exotic type of flower arrangement in another country.


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