Flowers from Funeral on Auction

Flowers from Funeral on Auction

Many are mourning the passing of Michael Jackson, while others are getting collecting and selling his memorabilia. Some of the items on sale are quite odd — flowers from Jackson’s casket can be found on eBay.

The memorial service was held on the 7th of July, and not longer after the service on of the celebrity guests brought in a their ticket and flowers from the casket.

Amy Weintruab owner of SHOPitLA says, “We have a lot of celebrity clients, this particular client had special access during the memorial service and was given these roses.”

According to Weintraub, the client did not need the flowers and felt that a Jackson Fan might appreciate them more. The flowers were only on auction for about 15 minutes when their prices shot up $250.

Weintraub said, “I’ve never seen an auction jump up that quickly. This is definitely one of the most unusual items we have ever put up for auction, but then Michael Jackson was one of the most unusual people on the planet.”


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