5 Ways Flowers Help Your Health This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season, as they say, and with it comes all the joys of holidays: exchanging gifts, hosting holiday parties…sending relatives and loved ones holiday flowers! Fortunately, there’s usually plenty of cheer to go around, though sometimes the stress of the season can get to the best of us.


In case you’re wanting for relief, here are 5 ways for you and your family to use flowers for stress reduction and a boost to your health this holiday season:

Keep Flowers Indoor To Reduce Air Pollution

Flowers will clean the air inside your home and in any closed, indoor space with either poor ventilation or less than optimal circulation—your office, a lobby, or reception area. So, while you’re going to spend more time inside for the months of December, January, February and through early March, it’s a great idea to set up a few houseplants or seasonal fresh-cut flower bouquets. You can even order them online and have your flowers delivered.



Use Flowers As A Form Of Self Expression

Bottling up your emotions never helps, but actually expressing them constructively through words, actions and artistic expression can improve your health. Researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles saw couples who took time to express themselves experience similar physiological effects to exercise—including a surge in white blood cells that are tied to your immune system.

Send Your Love A Sweet Hand-Written With Flowers

The same study found that couples who were sarcastic or insulted each other as they argued ended up suppressing their immune systems. They also (unsurprisingly) raised their levels of stress hormones. What’s the solution? Regularly practice being honest and sincere. Expressing gratitude, even in the way of small favors, gifts, surprise flowers and simply by saying ‘Thank you’ can have a big impact.

Join A Local Gardening Club

It might strike you as counterintuitive to join a gardening club in winter, but it might be an effective way to boost your immunity during cold season. A study out of Carnegie Mellon University found that students who were more social produced greater amounts of antibodies when injected with a flu vaccine. The loneliest students, who hung out with fewer friends, were found to produce fewer antibodies as well. So get out there and bond over some blossoms!

Put A Vase Of Fresh Flowers On Your Bedside Table

Why not do all you can to get a few extra winks?

Getting a good 8 hours of sleep per night can jumpstart your immune system. On top of a healthy diet and exercise, adequate sleep can be enough to prevent or squash an oncoming cold.

Putting fresh flowers at your bedside or on the dresser can be a lovely way of setting the scene, making your bedroom a comfortable place to settle in early for bed, or relax at first with a good book or watching the telly. Having flowers at your desk in the office helps set the scene for a breezy and nice outlook day at the office. 

If that weren’t enough, having colourful flowers’ and beautiful blossoms to greet you bright and early can genuinely boost your mood. A Harvard study discovered that people who supposedly weren’t “morning people” were positively affected, noticing a significant perk to their emotions even with just a modest bedside bouquet.


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