Flowers for Decoration Instead of Ornaments

Flowers for Decoration Instead of Ornaments

People usually use poinsettias or garlands for holiday decorating. Although winter is not the season for gardening there are several flowers which can be “forced” to bloom indoors, like tulips and amaryllis. This can add a new twist of colour to your holiday decorations and gifts, with a small reminder of spring.

Arlene Reid and her husband Glenn own Glenhaven Greenhouses in Broadway. Arlene says, “both are a lovely gift. I think they are really fun.” Reid thinks that bulbs are truly a thoughtful gift, especially for people like her mother-in-law, who like to spend time indoors and at home.

Reid says, “It changes every day a bit and she can watch it growing as well as enjoy it as it starts to bud and goes into bloom, and then when it fades, she can actually save the bulbs and plant them in her garden.”

The large, colourful amaryllis, available in red, white and pink, is the best gift for those who are not at home in world of gardening.

“It’s rally fun and it gives me, someone who loves plants, a wonderful feeling of, they too can feel what I feel every day. All gardeners feel that. It’s wonderful accomplishment to be able to say, ‘I grew my own little plant in my house,'” Reid added.


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