Flowers Either Blooming or Glowing at Night

The notion of flowers blooming at night is not one that is new, yet it can seem entirely pointless at times. You come to wonder what purpose they can possibly serve by blooming so late.

But night-blooming flowers do really serve the purpose they have been given. They are not pollinated by bees, but by other nocturnal creatures.

In the modern world they might not be all that pointless after all, because many people work evenings or nights, and they might just need the refreshment of a night-blooming flower.

Not all night-blooming flowers actually bloom at night, some spread their flowers just a bit after sun-set.

One really great experiment would be to plant some night blooming flowers, to impress guests when summer garden parties extend into the night. Some night-blooming flowers are the moonflower vine, the evening primrose, Night Blooming Cereus, and — the name might deceive — daylilies.

White flowers also have a way of extending light long after the sun has set. They can be a great decoration for an outdoor setting, as they will stay visible much longer than a darker shade of flower.

The contrast of a white against green is really brought to focus in the Illusion arrangement. The flowers have been preserved so you can be sure they will stay beautiful, even in an outdoor area. This arrangement has added elegance and style.

Heavenly Fanfare also brings across the glowing beauty of white. Tall stalks of amaryllis stand in a beautiful vase, with ostrich feathers framing the arrangement for added touch of beauty.

Another great summer gift is the Stylish Flower Tray. This tray features pretty white rose and gerbera blooms, and could easily adorn the outdoor table-top of someone special!


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