Flowers, Chocolate and Surprise

London florist Flowers24Hours demonstrates that they are not just any flower shop. They care and they know you care—enough to buy her flowers! And it’s important that she knows it. Flower delivery in London and the UK is a big job (it keeps us busy with the rose shears and behind the wheel). But so is understanding who it is that you are buying for, and underlying reasons for why flowers, chocolate or the perfect surprise gift makes that special someone so happy.

It’s hard to write an exact formula for love. It changes from year to year, between seasons and days, from mood to mood. But we think we’re onto something…

There is something incredibly romantic about the beauty of a flower. Of course, they have recognizable meanings: red roses for online delivery say, “I love you!” and orchids imply a “refined, elegant beauty.” Meanwhile, the poppy and sweetpeas can insinuate passion and pleasure.

But apart from what a flower says, it is also beautiful because of the way it lives. The life of a flower from bud to bloom is a quick one, fleeting. It is exciting and special to watch the tiny buds on a rose bush, or ranunculus or daffodils open up and spread their petals, blooming into something big and wonderful. And for just the short span of a week, it belongs only to her or him, and brightens up a room, a desk, a day.

Part of what makes a flower arrangement or a bouquet so special is the message it sends: it lets the person know you care, that she occupies your thoughts even when she is not around. And it’s totally fine that you didn’t pick them out of the ground yourself! Flowers24Hours arranges fresh, seasonal British flowers and plants and delivers them on the same day in London, and next day for elsewhere in the UK. The only “picking” you need to do is convenient and online. Luxury bouquets come in all sizes and styles, ranging from the simple to the elaborate, and cheap UK flower delivery is always available.

Flowers also stimulate an array of senses. A fragrant smell. The silken touch of a petal or simply holding a flower by its delicate stem, twirling it between your fingers. And sight! London flower delivery shop Flowers24Hours offers a colorful palette—red or pink roses, white orchids or lush pink or white lilies. Or something more exotic, like birds of paradise or anthuriums. Whether they arrive delivered on time for a birthday or anniversary, or to say thank you, or are unexpected and spontaneous, they are always delightful.

The only thing that’s missing, in fact, is the taste of something—chocolate, perhaps? And the sound of your voice saying, “So, did you like your surprise?” In addition to being a luxury florist in London, Flowers24Hours, UK flower delivery company also delivers gift arrangements, with gourmet chocolates, fruit baskets, wine and champagne.

Of course she loved the flowers! You bought them for her because you care, and she’s knows it. She’s been thinking about you all day. And now—with something sweet and bubbly—you can enjoy them together.

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